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tela beauty organics supernatural color trend tip

Tela Super Natural Color

Rainbow Hair Color continues as a strong hair color trend into Fall 2016. This eye-popping trend is not for the timid but instead for those who want to make a real hair color statement! This look can be as bold as an all over solid bright color, delicate pastel detail or wild multiple colors.  No creativity limits here!

Use a super color protecting shampoo and conditioner containing powerful antioxidants like Organic Reishi Mushroom, Ku Shen and Milk Thistle to help preserve color in between touch ups. Try any of our Tela Beauty Organic Shampoo and Conditioners.  They all preserve and protect color - that is what makes them so unique and special!

tela beauty organics by philip pelusi hair trend tips

But, the final must have for bullet proofing your color is Tela Color Lock.  It contains advanced technology, big science, and micro-emulsions to help to prevent color fadage up to 80% in between touch ups.