What our Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy covers any personal information that Tela Beauty Organics obtains from you when you use services on our site. This policy does not cover the practices of companies that Tela Beauty Organics does not own or control, or the actions of people that Tela Beauty Organics does not employ or manage.

Our Privacy Policy may change in the future. We invite you to check back periodically to see if we have made any changes. If we make any material changes, we will post a notice on our home page.

By using this site, you agree to the terms of our policy.

What Personal Information is Collected

Depending on how you use Tela Beauty Organics, we may ask you to share personal information with us. Whether you choose to give Tela Beauty Organics information is completely up to you, but keep in mind that if you withhold information, you may not be able to use some of our services.

When Personal Information is Collected

Tela Beauty Organics will ask you for information, including some personal information, if you use one of several services: Making a purchase. When you buy something on TelaBeautyOrganics.com, you have to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit card information. By making a purchase, you become a registered user (if you aren't one already) of TelaBeautyOrganics.com.

Sweepstakes, Contests and Surveys. If you enter a sweepstakes or contest, or answer a survey, you will become a registered user (if you aren’t one already). We may also ask you for some demographic information, such as your age. If you choose not to answer, you probably will not be able to participate in the sweepstakes, contest or survey.

Our Comments or Questions services. When you use the Comments or Questions services you will become a registered user (if you aren’t already one).

How Tela Beauty Organics Protects Your Information

We realize that our customers trust us to protect their personal information. We take that task seriously. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. For example:

We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") authentication to guarantee the confidentiality of online transactions made on our site. SSL authentication and encryption of the information that you send to us over the Internet help protect your online transaction information from third party interception. We never display your full credit card number once it has been entered.

We will only reveal the last four digits of your credit card for verification purposes.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, there is always a risk that third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions. This reality is true of all Internet use. As a result, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, and you transmit all information at your own risk.

How Tela Beauty Organics Uses Your Personal Information

Tela Beauty Organics collects personal information primarily to make our services more rewarding for you to use. We usually use this information for internal purposes, such as studying our customers’ preferences. We may also use your information to contact you for account and promotional purposes.

In the event that another company buys the assets or stock of TelaBeautyOrganics.com, your personal information may then belong to another entity.

How to Avoid Receiving E-mails and Other TelaBeautyOrganics.com Materials

We use e-mail addresses to send out e-mails and other announcements with information about Tela Beauty Organics’ new services, products, events and special features. When you register anywhere on TelaBeautyOrganics.com, you will automatically be enrolled to receive these e-mails. If you receive an e-mail and want to avoid further messages, look at the top of the e-mail for instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list.

Who Views Your Personal Information

Tela Beauty Organics may share your personal information with companies that perform services for us, such as sending postal mail and e-mails, analyzing customer data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, and investigating fraudulent activity. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not disclose your personally identifiable information for other purposes.

Some personal information is stored on servers owned by other companies. Only Tela Beauty Organics has the right to access this information.

We currently share aggregate information about our customers with advertisers and marketing partners. This information does not identify individual users.

Personal information may be disclosed if required by law.

Tela Beauty Organics does not currently sell or license personal information. Before selling or licensing your personal information, we will post a notice in this Privacy Policy and on our home page.

Making a Purchase

When you buy something on TelaBeautyOrganics.com, you have to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit card information. By making a purchase, you become a registered user of TelaBeautyOrganics.com.

Children Under 13

You can look at our site, but you cannot make a purchase. You also cannot become a registered user, club member, or use any service that asks for personal information. Our site is not designed for children. We do not wish to collect personal information from children under 13.

This policy is designed to protect children. Federal law requires us to take special steps to safeguard children’s privacy.

If you register with us and we discover that you are under 13, we will delete your registration. We will send you a message if we do this. If you are under 13 and want to make a purchase, please ask a parent to place the order for you.

Cookies on TelaBeautyOrganics.com

We collect some anonymous information about how you use the site by setting and accessing cookies on your computer. These cookies track information such as how often you visit our web site, what pages you view, and where you go after you leave the site. The cookies track your computer, not you. They are not connected to any personal information about you.

Questions About This Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or the content or practices of our website, you can contact Tela Beauty Organics directly:  tela@telanyc.com