11 Beauty Geniuses Share Their Holy Grail Products

“James Corbett is in the business of making hair shine. His go-to product for all hair types: Tela Color Guard Conditioner.”

How Green Was My Shampoo?

“Tela Beauty Organics By Philip Pelusi Balance Shampoo and Conditioner leave hair shiny with no residue. Both use reishi mushroom to strengthen hair and sea buckthorn berry to protect against pollutants. And the shampoo isn't drying, so you can use it daily.”

Shopping With Green in Mind

Tela Beauty Organics ‘Guardian’ SPF 18 Protection for Hair and Scalp

Who’s On First: Tela Claims Organic Prize

“Philip had been working on these products for the past several decades, with an herbalist and a chemist in the Pittsburgh region [where Pelusi is from]. The line addresses hair problems with a prescriptive approach.”

The 40 Best Natural Beauty Products

Tela Beauty Organics Boost Volumizing Styling Mist “This styling mist, which contains no resins or silicones, doesn’t weigh down fine hair, yet maintains volume - perfect just before a blow dry.”

10 Favorite Hair Products Containing Coconut Oil

“Thanks to key ingredients coconut, acai, and argan oil, this styling elixir lubricates and soothes chemically processed hair.”

Miracle Weapon Dry Shampoo!

“The beauty product celebrates a revival.”

Beauty & Health Must-Dos

“The fine print on Tela Beauty Organics’ Sugar Scrub reads ‘for unbelievable soft and supple skin,’ and after our ten-minute trial, we agree.”

New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

“It was a Venetian Carnival theme for Venexiana. Philip Pelusi for Tela Beauty Organics led a team who created a sophisticated braided finish to complement the elegant designs.”

Screen Savers: Styling Secrets of Hollywood's Top Hair Artists

"Tela Beauty Organics Encore Styling Creme secures updos in place with superior 'grip and definition.' The 'satin finish' looks natural."

Cosmoprof Unveils Innovations

"Philip Pelusi’s Tela Beauty Organics’ Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blowout contains 85 percent USDA certified organic ingredients,"

How to Get a Wavy Bob Like Julianne Hough and Heather Morris

“Philip Pelusi, CEO and Founder of Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi in New York City, gives us the lowdown on how to recreate it.”

Hairstyles How To: Get the Launchpad February Cover Look!

Philip Pelusi and the Tela Beauty Organics/P2 Team styled the Venexiana Spring/Summer 2013 show featured on this month's Beauty Launchpad cover. "The theme was Rock 'n' Royalty," Pelusi says of the hairstyle. "Symmetric rolls of hair, spun into a twist of rapture, power and sensuality—exposing the opulence of femininity."

5 of the Best Organic Lip Balms

Tela Beauty Organics Plumping Lip Balm "This natural, organic lip balm contains cinnamon, which gently warms and plumps the lips."

Spring Forward Beauty

Tela Beauty Organics Body Butter

This Organic Hair Product is Heaven

Tela Beauty Organics Healer "It *actually* works, even on out of control hair."

Tela Beauty Organics Haircare

"Fight frizz, restore moisture + strengthen with organic treatments that revitalize hair's natural luster."

10 Healthy Hair Products We Love

"Tela Beauty Organics. Why we trust it: Tela products are made from sustainable ingredients."

30 Great Gifts for Natural Beauty Lovers

Tela Beauty Organics ‘Composer’ Organic Styling for All Hair Types and Tela Beauty Organics Plumping Lip Balm

Formaldehyde-Free Treatment For Frizzy Hair

"The results? Significantly smoother, less frizzy hair. My styling time has been cut in half and I actually feel like my hair is healthier since the treatment (something you definitely can’t say of the chemical alternatives)."

Editor's Pick: Restyle, Restore

"Tela Beauty Organics just introduced a collection of groundbreaking products, all aimed at addressing hair texture while complementing in-salon treatments."

13 Indie Beauty Brands to Know Now

"We’re fans of getting the most bang for our color buck. To that end, natural brand Tela Beauty Organics has created Color Lock Anti-Color Fade Serum, which minimizes damage during color processing by sealing in color while protecting the hair and scalp."