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Everyone desires glossy, shiny, brilliant hair. Unfortunately, most individuals invest in traditional shine serums and potions. While these products may create the appearance of glossy hair in the short term, they actually can dull hair over time.

The secret to glossy hair is using products that actually nourish hair from the inside out improving hair health over time with every use. Keep reading to learn how Tela products transform hair to create that Tela Signature Shine.

Tela Approach to Glossy Hair

Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi products give hair a natural, authentic shine - the shine of truly healthy hair. Typical shine products coat the hair to camouflage dryness and damage. However, over time this coating can build up on the hair shaft. This product resin strangles hair, degrading the quality of hair with each use.

Tela has the opposite approach. We liberate shine! Our products do not coat the hair. Instead, our products work to improve hair health to create an authentic shine. As we like to say, your hair has more shine than you think. You just haven’t tried Tela yet! 

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 For example, many hair experts recommend against shampooing often because traditional shampoos strip hair of vital moisture, causing damage and dullness. Tela Beauty Organic is an exception to this. Shampooing with Tela is an opportunity to bring moisture and nourishment to hair.

That’s why we drench our shampoos and conditioners with powerhouse superfruits, antioxidants, strengthening proteins, anti-irritants, moisturizers, and sun and color protectants.  Your hair will benefit from our anti-aging, 35 Certified Organic Blend so that every time you wash your hair with Tela shampoo, you’re improving the condition of your hair and scalp. Plus,  cleansing with Tela shampoo moisturizes, detoxifies, and rebalances the scalp for a healthy hair growth future. So we encourage our customers to shampoo their hair as often as they want - with Tela.

Tela Glossy Hair Favorites

While all Tela products give hair that Tela Signature Shine, these are some of our favorites for extra glossy hair:

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Probiotic Hair Mask with Powerhouse Anti-Aging Ingredients

This super-charged, intensive hair mask and conditioning treatment balances and moisturizes parched hair. Our Probiotic Hair Mask deeply repairs, hydrates, and strengthens hair from roots to ends. Plus, it nourishes and stimulates hair follicles and the scalp region for long term regenerative ability.

Our Probiotic Hair Mask is infused with Tela Immunity Complex™, which helps to invigorate, strengthen, and nurture the hair and scalp to promote healthy hair follicles. This hair treatment is super-concentrated with probiotic-enhanced performance and over 35 certified organics + super-fruits to deeply hydrate, repair, detoxify, exfoliate and revitalize hair and scalp for improved elasticity, radiance, and luxurious shine.

Tela’s unique regenerating blend of organic burdock, horsetail, reishi mushroom, red sage, and sprouted soy strengthen and invigorates strands. This blend reinvents hair’s fabric to be stronger and healthier. Plus, it keeps hair color protected, luxurious, silky, and smooth.

We recommend using our Probiotic Hair Mask once per week to moisture-charge hair and nourish the scalp.

We designed our Probiotic Hair Mask for all hair types!

Tela Dream Hair Collection

A great blowout using one of our best selling blow dry serums is an instant way to get shiny hair! Our Tela Dream Hair Collection is made up of three blow dry serums that add hydration, refine hair texture, and generate a ton of shine. These serums work in harmony with other Tela products for shiny, frizz-free hair:

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For a super glossy blowout, apply a dime size of your select anti-frizz serum to wet hair. Then, blow dry hair with the nozzle pointing down to smooth the hair cuticle.

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Dry Shampoo

Our uniquely formulated dry shampoo gives hair an instant boost of shine, without coating the hair in powder like traditional dry shampoos. Instead, this non-drying hair refresher adds a weightless sheen on-the-go. Pair with our Tela Boar Bristle Brush to lend and extra gloss to your locks.