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The blunt bob is turning out to be the hottest hair trend of the season. This look is totally confident and chic. We find it refreshing!

This fall’s 90’s-inspired cut is edgier than the shoulder-skimming, layered bobs we’ve been seeing in recent years. We love this look because it declares confidence and self-assurance. Long, blunt bangs are optional.

tela beauty organics fall hair trends

While this look is certainly hot right now, it’s not a cut that you want to get on a whim. The short, blunt length will take a long time to grow out, so the edgy bob is a commitment.

There are many pros to this look! If your long hair is overprocessed or fried from a summer in the sun, a bob may be your ticket to healthier hair. Plus, the lack of layers means added thickness of fine hair.

Another reason why the edgy bob is so popular right now is that it works on every hair type. Just know that the more curl you have in your hair naturally, the more of a triangular shape the cut will take on. However, this once-dreaded triangle shape is what makes this crop so cool.

tela beauty organics fall hair trends

How to Get a Blunt Bob

To score the look, ask your hairstylist for a classic bob with no layers, texture, or undercut. Request a length somewhere between chin-length and shoulder length. If you’re starting with longer hair, ask for a length that’s closer to shoulder length. That way, you’ll have the option of gradually going shorter should you desire it. Long, blunt bangs are optional.

To maintain the cut’s shape, schedule trims every 6 to 8 weeks.

tela beauty organics fall hair trends

How to Style a Blunt Bob

For Fine Hair

While this edgy bob isn’t necessarily a voluminous style, you will want to play up the thickness of your hair. Wash and condition hair with shampoo and conditioner formulated to thicken fine hair, like Tela Beauty Organics Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply Make It Bigger Hair Thickening Serum to wet hair for added volume, then blow or air dry.

For Wavy Hair

Wavy-haired women will want to use a styling cream to combat frizz, which is kryptonite to this look. We recommend applying Smooth Operator Organic Blowout Frizz Serum to hair before blowing out with a round brush. Blast each section with cold air to seal in the cuticle and keep hair smooth and shiny.

For Curly Hair

Those with curly hair will want to add shine, hydration, and texture + tame frizz.  We recommend applying Tela's Frizz Buster then carefully blow drying with a round brush. Finish the look by flat ironing hair in one-inch sections. Apply heat protection (a must) with Healer.  It will provide curly hair types superior hydration and shine.