Posted by Tela Beauty Organics

Refresh hair with amazing volume, texture, definition and shine in an instant. Here are some of our simple quick fix techniques for fresh, movable hair styles. Tela's unique multi-task style products rejuvenate lifeless hair leaving it shiny, flexible, and voluminous.

Hair Reset

Simply keep a full size Tela Dri-Shampoo and Tela’s Boar Bristle Hair Brush in your home office!  When your hair needs a reset during the day, lightly mist Tela Dri Shampoo all over hair starting at the nape. Lift sections so the dri shampoo can reach each layer as you move up to the top of the head. Next, brush through hair to distribute evenly. Next, re-mist while finger-styling your hair to perfection! Tela’s amazing Certified Organic Lavender leaves hair feeling sensational and fresh! Made with Tela’s Organic Enhancing Blend: Chinese Foxglove, Ku Shen, Reishi Mushroom, Milk Thistle & Wolfberry

Volume Boost

Get an instant hair and mood lift with a spritz of Tela’s Boost Sensational Style Booster at the roots. Working in small sections, lift hair and spritz Tela Boost towards the roots. Before the product begins to dry, start to gently brush out from the scalp. Spritz section by section across the top and sides of the head until the desired amount of volume is achieved. This same technique can be used again if needed later in the day whenever you want a mood boost!  Weightless with zero build-up means you can apply over and over as needed. Hair will feel refreshed with glorious shine, bounce and body. Made with Tela’s 35 Certified Organic Base Blend!

Stay Calm

Every head of hair that’s dealing with some degree of frizz (especially curly textures), needs a fix. Tela Frizz Buster and Reduce Sensational Styling Smoother both work wonders to help reduce frizz while creating manageable texture with lots of shine. Mist fingertips with Frizz Buster and Reduce. Blend through hair. In minutes, your hair will be calmer, less puffy with reduced frizz and better definition! Made with Tela’s 35 Certified Organic Base Blend.