Posted by Tela Beauty Organics

You would never dream of skipping your daily skincare routine. The same thing applies for your hair and scalp because you wear your hair every-day! Your hair, like your skin, has to last a lifetime!
Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum is designed to renew, revitalize and strengthen hair from root to end. Keeping hair healthy long-term, and improving hairs' ability to thrive with vibrancy and lux quality. Active with Hair Immunity Complex™, Tela’s proprietary probiotic technology plus over 35 certified organics + super fruits for youthful, bouncy, resilient hair. Keeps hair color protected, lux, silky and smooth. 
Apply Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum daily, as your first step for long term results and benefits. We see it as a primer to prep your style on wet or dry hair. Massage 4-6 pumps into your scalp to invigorate roots and through the length of your hair to impart a light modern texture and vibe. Adds hydration, shine, and smoothing benefits.

Luxurious Weekly Deep Hair Treatment: Massage 4-6 pumps into the scalp, from root to end. Then, apply Tela Probiotic Hair Mask. Leave in for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Or, leave in overnight for deep transformative results. Rinse. For all hair types.

Tela’s Probiotic, Milk Thistle & Honey Blend strengthens hair and scalp imparting weightless moisture, gleaming shine, and irresistible cashmere feel and structure to the hair fabric.Our potent antioxidant blend strengthens hair and scalp! Tela Milk Thistle Blend restores the structure of the hair shaft. This happens due to the fact that the composition of the plant and, accordingly, the oils from it, include minerals and vitamins. Copper, iodine, fatty acids – these elements have a positive detox effect leaving hair rejuvenated and refreshed. Removes environmental impurities, and build-up. Delivers weightless moisture. Detoxifies and protects.