Posted by Tela Beauty Organics

Treat Yourself!  Here are some easy hair wellness activities for keeping your hair in tip top shape.

Weekly Deep Hair Conditioning Treatments

Your hair and scalp will feel perfectly hydrated and soothed after this hair treatment with Tela's Life Force Probiotic Haircare Collection.

Each product in the Tela Life Force Collection is made with Tela's 35 Certified Organic Ingredient Blend of antioxidants, super fruits, strengthening proteins anti- irritants, moisturizers, and sun & color protectants for root to end recovery.

For this hair care ritual, you will need: Power Probiotic Shampoo, Probiotic Scalp Scrub, Probiotic Hair Mask, and Fountain of Hair Vitality Hair Serum.

    Keeping Your Hair Color Alive

    The magic of Color Lock Plus Fiber Restore Anti Color Fade Serum makes it easy to care for your hair color keeping it fresh, vibrant and luxe during this time when salon color visits are not available! By adding this simple step into your hair wellness routine, your hair will be restored into a healthier state. It will leave your hair and scalp feeling renewed, stronger, silky, and lustrous. Hair's natural lipids and moisture balance are fortified and preserved for optimum home color locking results.

    • Cleanse hair with Tela Beauty Organics Color Guard Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Remove excess water
    • Apply Tela Color Lock Plus from roots to ends. Use 1-2 drops for fine hair. Use 2-4 drops for medium and coarser hair types. Leave in for 1-2 minutes
    • Rinse
    • Style as usual

    Tela's Certified Organic Enhancing Blend of Chinese Foxglove, Ku Shen, Reishi Mushroom, Milk Thistle & Wolfberry works synergistically as an engine to fuel color locking, healing and conditioning results. Oolong Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea replace water in the formula. This potent antioxidant and anti-aging blend infuses free radical protection with each use. Antioxidant effects repair hair to regain its gloss, luster, color vibrance and tensile strength.

    Chic 'Undone' Hair at Home

    Why we love it? We simply love when hair is breathable, luminous, and fresh. All hair types, textures and lengths can do it. It's perfect for giving your hair a rest. Or, for when you feel to skip the heat. Our 'airwear' technique is simple and keeps your hair easy to mold and style at home.

    For chic, undone hair at home we turn to our unique hair style products in Tela's Modern Hair Wear Collection. Each supreme styler naturally gives every head of hair an intuitive versatility so you can find your authentic place. No resins, no build-up, water-soluble, non-sticky, never ever stiff!. You will find that each deliver delicious, versatile textures from the future. Creating a new textile before your eyes.

    We apply a thoughtful layering process, aka Tela AirWear, to help achieve this modern, undone feel. Tela AirWear is a light, free hand layering approach of Tela haircare products. Your application should be your unique way of feeling and expressing your way through. Do not overthink it. Perfect for giving yourself a rest too.