Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum

Because you Wear Your Hair Everyday

Keep Hair Healthy This Summer

Tips you can follow to keep hair healthy

Easy Hair Care Treatments at Home

Here are some easy hair wellness activities for keeping your hair and scalp in tip top shape.

The Power of Probiotics: Think Skincare for Your Hair

These days, you can hardly pick up a magazine or click on a beauty blog without reading about the amazing health benefits of probiotics. There’s no doubt about it: probiotics are one of the hottest trends in beauty and wellness. And for good reason! Here at Tela Beauty Organics we’ve been doing research on probiotics.

Dazzling, Edgy Hair Looks + Quick and Easy To Do!

Sculpt hair into a quick, edgy shape perfect for a quick-change morning.  Start by creating some messy waves for a dazzling, edgy hair look in under 5 minutes!


Based on Brilliance

Our precision-made blend of 35 antioxidants, anti-irritants, weightless moisturizers, strengthening proteins, super fruits, sun protection and anti-color fade ingredients deliver optimum health and unprecedented anti-aging, healthy hair be

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