Legendary for pleasingly different

Living Laboratory

My lifetime experience working with thousands of different hair types has been my living laboratory for developing over 200 Philip Pelusi signature product formulas and solutions for all hair care needs. Founded in 2008, Tela Beauty Organics is the culmination of over 35 years of product artistry and innovation.

Back when I started developing my own product formulas, I was the first in the hair care industry to use ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, zinc and yeast derivatives, calcium and zinc proteins, grape seed extract, sage, blueberry and blackberry. Until then, these ingredients were relatively new and mostly used for skin care.

I Wanted to See Something Else

It was also during this time that I developed a sensitivity to understand what I experienced with the products I used before I entered product making and why they allowed me to go so far -when I wanted to see something else. I really wanted to see how certain ingredients could perform and be effective to help improve the health of the hair and scalp region from the inside out so that hair could become a better canvas for my design. I needed to liberate and create couture quality hair, and for me, this will always mean allowing for hair to breath on its own whether at home or in the salon.

Quality, Performance and Results

My creative vision for how I see each Tela product formula working presently is greatly enhanced by tremendous scientific breakthroughs and advancements made both in the conventional and organic arena.  Presently, my pioneering formula blends, such as Tela's 35 Certified Organic Core Blend, or Patent Pending Hydro Pelusi Ceramide Complex transforms the way products are being experienced today.

While several products in the Tela product line are USDA Certified Organic and certified by Oregon Tilth, others contain a combination of certified organic, natural and conventional ingredients that satisfy my vision for professional grade, superior product performance.  All Tela formulas are infused with over 35 certified organic herbs and other powerfully effective ingredients.

Tela is Made for Everyone!

Tela is made for everyone either with mainstream beauty preferences, or eco-chic and more indie type beauty preferences. That is what makes Tela's performance so unique and special.  Tela is a highly evolved approach to getting the hair results we want: optimum shine, strength, resilience, protection and sophisticated style. A modern day solution to maintaining luxe hair fabric - think cashmere and silk. Hair that glistens from roots to ends with a scalp environment that promotes a healthy, strong future.

Tela formulas represent something exhilarating – the ability to harmonize science with over 35+ certified organic ingredients, and to provide what people want most from their beauty products – 100% effectiveness, sophisticated style, and a luxurious experience in their discovery.