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tela beauty organics golden flax trend

Tela Golden Flax Hair Color

Fall temperatures will be cool but hair color will be warming up!  Golden Flax Hair Color is the big color trend for Fall 2016.  As the name of this trend describes, hair is colored to a light, yellow golden hue ala the color of flax seeds.  The base color of the hair is brought up to a golden blonde, then lighter blonde highlights of both cool and warm tones are added throughout the entire head taking on a natural, soft appearance.  Highlights are noticeable but never thick or chunky.  

One of the biggest challenges of this look is color preservation; especially after hair has suffered summer UV Ray and chlorine or salt water exposure making hair more porous.  This results in a more difficult job of retaining the golden tone this trend requires.  So to get every color off to the right start. Use Tela Color Lock anti-color fade serum to seal color after you shampoo and condition.  Once hair is rinsed, apply 2-3 pumps of Color Lock, leave on for 1 minute ~ then, rinse.  

For super color protecting shampoo and condition, try Tela Color Guard Shampoo and Color Guard ConditionerThis duo’s color sealing proprietary Tela Enhancing Blend helps preserve color in between touch ups with powerful antioxidants such as Organic Reishi Mushroom, Chinese Foxglove, Ku Shen and more. 

For an additional safe guard, add a leave in hair conditioner to your hair routine before applying styling grooms.  Try Tela Healer Organic Damage and Split End RepairIt contains our proprietary Tela Restoring Blend including Fo Ti, Reishi Mushroom and Sea Buckthorn Berry and more to help lock in the color molecules deep inside the hair strand as well as help repair hair color and heat styling damage.