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Tela Classic

Blow Out

Try: Healer + Guardian Angel

Healer repairs, hydrates and conditions hair upon heat impact. Guardian Angel prevents color fade and shields against harmful solar effects. Prep your mane with this winning duet for optimum healthy hair results.

Dream Smooth

Blow Out

Try: Smooth Operator + Reduce

Finish with Encore for extra smoothing protection and edgy style control.

Make it Bigger

Blow Out

Try: Make it Bigger! + Boost

For immediate hair plumping effects and long lasting volume.

Mane Tamer

Blow Out

Try: Frizz Buster

Layer Frizz Buster with any Tela Style combination for a frizz free victory every time.

Reduction Please!

Blow Out

Try: Reduce + Hair Gloss

Hair smoothing combo for extra coarse, thick, dry hair.

Curl of My Dreams

Blow Out

Try: Curl of My Dreams + Guardian Angel + Frizz Buster

Finish with Composer to define and supercharge your curls.

Make it Last

Blow Out

Try: Dri Shampoo + Tela Brush

Hair essentials to refresh and revitalize your hair, keeping it fresh and glossy throughout the day.

Tela Blow Out Tip

Use Tela Brush for blow outs, grooming, smoothing and styling.

  • Can be used on wet or dry hair.
  • The mix of natural boar bristles and soft resin separators cut down on damage to the hair fabric.