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December 1st - 24th
Exclusive Gift-With-Purchase Items, Gift Set Features and Tela Holiday Mixer Duos!

Gift With Purchase

Receive Tela’s Boar Bristle Hair and Treatment Hair Brush

With your $150+ purchase or more!

Our luxury treatment hairbrush promotes healthy hair and scalp. Use for blow outs, grooming, smoothing and styling. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Feels luxurious, soothing, and invigorating on the scalp. You will love how the mix of natural boar bristles and soft separators feel while preserving the hair fabric.

Receive Sample Minis with Every Order

Just for You!

A sampling of all 3 items from New! Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection. Style Freedom for Everyone!

Gift Set Features

Think Skincare for Your Hair!

Root to End Recovery Kit, Probiotic Hair and Scalp Ritual for Root to End Recovery

Our luxurious daily style and treatment ritual for Hair, Scalp, & Follicle Power! This stunning, deluxe 4-piece, probiotic haircare set includes: Power Shampoo & Conditioner (5 oz) Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum (1.7 oz) and Probiotic Hair Mask (3.3 oz).
$89 ($120 Value)

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For the Hair of Your Dreams!

Tela Haircare Giftsets

Choose from our personalized, organic hair style sets for luxe hair and frizz free style!
Lush with Tela’s Powerhouse 35 Certified Organic Blend + Hydro Pelusi Ceramide Complex to illuminate all hair fabrics.
$98 ($132 Value)


Everything you need for sensational volume, lift, and thickness. Amplifies each hair strand from root to end. Weightless volume, thickness, and flexible strength. Supple style control without frizz.

Includes: Volume Shampoo (8.45oz), Volume Conditioner (8.45oz), Boost (7.5oz), Make It Bigger! (5oz)

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Defines, enhances and energizes each and every curl. Spring and luster to natural curl patterns and texture. Makes curls more manageable. Reduces frizz for easier curl separation and definition. Long lasting hydration and shine.

Includes: Curly Shampoo (8.45oz), Curly Conditioner (8.45oz), Curl of My Dreams (5oz), Healer (5oz)

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Refines and smooths hair for silky lustrous blow-outs. Makes blow dry styling easier with longer lasting results and tons of shine.

Includes: Balance Shampoo (8.45oz), Balance Conditioner (8.45oz), Smooth Operator (5oz), Reduce (7.5oz)

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The ultimate haircare color preservation system. Color protection, enhancement, and preservation. Texture smoothing solution for color treated hair. Luxe color vibrance and shine.

Includes: Color Guard Shampoo (8.45oz), Color Guard Conditioner (8.45oz), Guardian Angel Solar Hair Serum (5oz), Color Lock+ Fiber Restore Anti-Color Fade Serum (3.3oz)

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Tela Holiday Mixers

Duo Master Mixers for healthy holiday hair!

Tela Power Blow Out

Cashmere Hair Souffle + Smooth Operator

Velvety, opulent blow out style from root to end. Tip: Finish with Play Freeform Wax for extra smoothing protection and edgy style control.
$55 ($68 Value)

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Dream Big

Boost + Make it Bigger

For immediate hair plumping effects and long-lasting volume.
$55 ($68 Value)

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Curl of My Dreams

Frizz Buster + Curl of My Dreams

Tip: Finish with Taffy Miracle Pomade Gel to define and supercharge your curls.
$55.00 ($68 Value)

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